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We founded Leef out of a deep need to make modern society more sustainable and to fight the ever increasing mountains of plastic waste. Disposable products are indispensable in today's society. It is clear to us that we cannot easily restructure society, but we can supply a product that makes consumer behavior more sustainable. Sustainability is not the only concern of our customers, our palm leaf tableware is also far ahead of conventional disposable ones in terms of appearance, feel and stability.

We also buy and protect one square meter of rainforest per plate sold through our consumer brand Leef Unlimited (LU) in order to preserve it for future generations. This is our way, plate by plate. Unlimited!


In addition to palm leaf, other compostable materials for the production of sustainable disposable tableware are available. They all have a common disadvantage: very large amounts of energy and resources are required to manufacture them. Another shortcoming that these materials share is that they are often difficult to compost in reality. Although they are based on renewable raw materials, they take longer to compost than the cycle of an industrial composting plant and must be filtered out of the plant and burned at the end of the term.

Palm leaf is different! It is nothing more than the leaf of an areca palm that has naturally fallen to the ground. So the material does not have to be specially manufactured. It is taken from nature according to the borrowing principle, reshaped a little and returned to nature without any detours after its use. This cycle is called cradle-to-cradle. In our opinion, only products that are manufactured and processed using this approach are really sustainable. That is why our heart beats for palm leaf.


"We cannot change society, but the products we use".

With this credo, we are fighting against the steadily growing consumption of single-use plastic products. Our constantly growing team around managing director Claudio Vietta is a colorful bunch from various professional backgrounds. We all have one thing in common: we care about the environment and we want to contribute to making the world a better place for future generations. For this reason, we turned away from our jobs in the conventional economy and looked for a vocation with more meaning. We found it at Leef and have been working every day to make the world's garbage piles a little smaller. We always do it professionally, but never lose sight of the fun.

Since a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, with the help of which we transported the first containers with palm leaf plates from India to Germany. We have established ourselves on the market and now offer the broadest product portfolio in Europe in the palm leaf sector, which is constantly growing. Our team is specialized
in palm leaf like no other. As a result, we have already managed to become one of the leading suppliers of palm leaf in the field of gastronomy in Germany. Due to the growing awareness of the consumer society and the trend towards more sustainability, the demand for compostable alternatives to plastic tableware is increasing. This is where we start and offer our customers the opportunity to make the world a little bit better bit by bit, plate by plate ...

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